Why You Need a Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Funds


For centuries, crowdfunding has been done in India and often with great effectiveness with regard to meeting the project goal amount. But the term “crowdfunding India” had not attached itself to the process until recently, when dozens of crowdfunding platforms mushroomed in the country, taking inspiration from the leaders in the industry in the West, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and YouCaring. Indian crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru too, are helping their campaigners reach their targets, whether for medical or personal or social projects through service models those are centered on the platform itself.

This is a departure from tradition, although crowdfunding as a means of alternative fundraising is not. Like before, a big group of donors give in small amounts each (typically) and come together to pool individual contributions to meet a giant, shared target. But unlike in the past, a platform has become of paramount importance for both crowdfunding India campaigner as well as the potential donors who may want to make a donation to the fundraiser online.

Crowdfunding India platforms perform a very important role. When a campaigner starts a fundraiser and populates the fundraiser micro site with information about the project at hand as well as a brief and rough fund utilization plan, the first thing that the platform does is to vet the case through stringent due diligence processes that every platform has in place. The fundraiser is only approved if it meets the criteria embodied by the due diligence system. This effectively means that any approved fundraiser that has gone live on a crowdfunding India platform is an authentic one, with the beneficiary truly in need of the funds they are trying to raise.

The body of donors who will see these fundraiser live and accepting donations can similarly feel a deeper sense of security and safety and reliability when they give to the campaign, because they know that the platform has vetted the campaigner’s credibility. Donations made to a social project run by an NGO can also get tax benefits to the donor, depending on his location and how much he can give.

Finally, there is always the assurance, if you run your fundraiser with a crowdfunding India platform rather than just on Facebook or through WhatsApp, that you can reach high net worth and NRI donors who will give to your campaign simply because you are hosted on the platform, which they trust in.

So select your platform with care and start a fundraiser to change the world today!