Why Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss? Is It Genuine Or Just A Myth

Although raspberry ketone is typically extracted from the raspberries, the identical natural compound is also available in other fruits like apples, berries, maple, grapes and peaches. It can also be found in certain vegetables as well. These ketones have proved to be excellent inhibitors of weight loss or slimming down.

If you look up the internet for supplements that help with weight loss, then you might come up with thousands of options. However, most people from across the world trust raspberry ketone, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because it does not give any side effects.

Most of us lead very busy lives, and we barely get any time to do regular workouts. Also, it is very difficult to maintain proper balanced diets in midst of our tight schedules. If that is the case with you, then you must surely adopt raspberry ketone supplements in your everyday diet, so that your body weight does not go out of hand.

How does Raspberry ketone works?

There is still no clear scientific evidence that proves ketones importance in weight loss. However, experiments on test tubes and animals have showed that there is a possibility that it might increase the metabolic rate in the body as well as help and affect the adiponectin hormone. This hormone helps in reducing appetite as well as helps in burning of fat a bit faster.

Other uses of raspberry ketone

By now you all must be aware that it is most popularly and commonly used for weight loss as well as to treat obesity but there are other benefits and uses also they are.

  • It helps in treating hair loss. A research proves that there is an increase in hair growth if applied on scalp.
  • It is also recommended for those men who are experiencing patterned baldness.
  • It is used as a coloring and flavoring ingredient in common food, fragrance in perfumes as well as in cosmetics.


Recommendation on dosage completely depends and differs on various other factors such as age, weight and health etc. It is advisable to refer and follow the instructions that are mentioned on the manual or as recommended by the manufacturer and brand or a physician.

Side effect

Due to fewer facts and figures actual dosage is not established hence considering it completely safe is not proven. There might be a possibility of mild side effects such as dizziness, increase in heart beat and blood pressure. It consumption for pregnant and breast feeding mother is a strict “NO”. To place an order now, click here.

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