Why Are Numbers Important?

Life is random. Numbers bring certainty and order to life. Now imagine a world without numbers. Although there would be no math homework to worry about, everything else would become random and would cause chaos. People would have a hard time measuring distance, time and many other crucial information. People wouldn’t know about important facts if it weren’t for numbers. Whether you like it or not, our lives revolve around numbers since the day we were born.

Numbers can be considered as mental tools. Different sets of numbers are different tools to solve different kinds of problems. The different kinds of numbers are real numbers, whole numbers, complex numbers, etc.  In science, to quantify an observed phenomenon or to prove a concept an intricate use of numbers is required. Making sense of the data available to chemists, astronomers and biologists and others wouldn’t have been possible without a system of weighing variables and assigning values. Many scientific constants like the speed of light and the gravitational force on earth would be impossible to comprehend without the use of numbers.

Apart from this, numbers play an important role in shaping human societies. National governments track the opinions and behaviors of their citizens, and numbers such as social security numbers, resident ID numbers and the results of voting polls are decided in numbers and closely watched as an aid to central planning and social control. Economically, numbers are an important aspect of human activities.  An hourly wage is expressed in numbers. Banks accounts and bank balances are expressed in numbers too. It is difficult to imagine a stock market, commodities market or a futures exchange operating without a price data.

Hence, we can conclude that numbers are important, no matter how small or big, odd or even, decimal or rational number. May this article help students to understand the gravity of numbers and encourage parents to let their child engage in numbers while they are still developing.  At BYJU’S, there are lots of engaging and interesting content on Maths that can make you curious. You can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn about the different concepts in Math like the laws of the triangle, arithmetic progression and many more. You can also have a glimpse of how BYJU’S app is changing the way students learn.