Whether more Tech can Increase Productivity


For small businesses like reputation management agencies, the real question in place is whether or not more technology can increase your productivity or does it actually counter your productivity?

Compartmentalization of Tasks

If you rely on a separate device for your video editing, email and gaming it can often be beneficial. If you have different devices for different tasks then you will most likely have a better output. If you use Facebook as a form of communication, youll most likely end up browsing through your news feed therefore using something like Slack can be more beneficial to you.

Decrease in Cost; Increase in Junk

The value of network increases with the square number of users according to Metcalfe’s law. If you have thousands of mobile phones working independently then they’re only good but if you have every device connected through the internet then this is excellent but there is more junk to process. Nowadays, the cost of communication has come down since anyone can be easily contacted around the world through instant messaging, e-mail, Skype and social networks like Facebook and so on.

Loss of Focus

The only downside of having so many techs is that you have to deal with increases; users tend to lose focus with the increasing amount of devices. Instead of being able to focus on work, normally you are pulled into the social apps on your phone and by the time you realize what you have done in your day and have to do left, your day is done.

The Solution

The solution for this is to document change for each new piece of tech or software that gets incorporated into your workflow from now on. If buying a tablet lessens the amount of time you need to reply to your mails while on your daily commute to work, then of course you should buy one. If a piece of tech increases your efficiency then you should measure it and see how it has really helped and changed your life.