What is IT Outsourcing and How Can Your Company Use It?

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IT outsourcing is a process in which companies, where IT is not the core of their business, take external IT companies in order to provide full IT support. The greatest advantage for these companies is that in this way they will effectively control costs, have the ability to use top experts to complete tasks for which their company is not specialized.


An example of this would be a company that specializes in tourism consulting. With the number of employees there is a need to increase the number of computers as well, network equipment, network resources and the need for new services and features that will provide successful completing of tasks related to work. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on finding new employees, the company or individual that takes complete care of the IT tasks as well as experts with experience in this area will suggest new services and processes that will improve the primary operations of the company.

Let’s say that you want to establish a new business or already have a business, and you need a person who will take care of computers, servers and all IT tasks, as well as the implementation of new services that will adapt to your business. Rather than hiring your own computer “scientists” or an entire IT department you should simply let that part of the IT tasks to real freelance IT professionals who will give you the best advice and provide you the best IT services. Rather than invest in new office space, and waste time and money, outsource the IT tasks in your company to skilled freelance IT professionals.

Long-term cooperation with freelance companies or freelancers who work individually, will allow you to offer your customers the best prices on the market.
Most of the work we perform for our customers remote by connecting to their computers, thus saving time and money, but more importantly reduces the speed of eliminating the problem.
Control your costs and get rid of all IT problems by outsourcing IT tasks to freelance IT professionals.

Outsourcing means assigning business tasks, business process or part of a business process related to your company (or institution) to another independent service company or individual who will then use their skills and knowledge to give positive results.
Today it is possible to outsource almost all business tasks and processes, but the most common tasks and processes are office operations, such as bookkeeping, billing and general processing of business documents, various types of research, analytical tasks, reporting, IT processes, communication with customers, billing and payment, technical customer support, technical support of the staff and so on. In this way, it allows companies to fully focus on their core business functions such as for example, strategy and management, marketing and sales.