What are Insurance Claims?

Insurance claims are just that, they are when you claim insurance from an insurance company for an event that is covered. The claim is reviewed and then the money is paid. These claims exist to help people avoid the costs of certain situations such as hospital stays or funerals that are otherwise extremely expensive.

Insurance can also cover things such as your car, home, and health, as well as personal possessions. For a premium fee, the risk becomes someone else’s and your bills are paid by the company. If you’ve insured your car up to a certain amount, if you get in an accident then that amount is covered by the insurance company.

However, sometimes the easy process of getting a claim doesn’t go the way it should. Insurance companies can deny a claim for a number of reasons, or even take advantage of you if you have become recently disabled or in a situation that your insurance doesn’t cover. That’s when having an Insurance Claims Attorney can be a major benefit.

They can help you understand what your policy means, aid you in filling a new claim and can help when insurance companies deny you what is rightfully yours.

When to hire an Insurance Claim Lawyer

If you are filing a new insurance claim policy or are in the process of reviewing one, it’s a good time to look into getting an attorney. They know all of the secrets of the insurance companies’ big words and small print and hidden clauses. Most lawyers will look at your policies and give them a thorough review, before walking through the steps with you to ensure you understand what you need to do and what everything means.

If your new claim was denied, then a lawyer will be able to analyze why it was denied and help you build the case to get the benefits you deserve. Denials can be appealed, and the right attorney can help you understand how the process can get started.

Appeals are written letters about the denial, think of them almost like rebuttals. They need to be written and presented in a way that petitions the denial and shows that you met the requirements for the insurance. If the appeals don’t work, most insurance lawyers are willing and able to take your case to court and challenge the insurance company directly.

Different Lawyers for Different Jobs

Most insurance claims go one of three ways and may need a different lawyer depending on how you want to handle the situation. You can contest a denied claim and try to get the denial overturned, you can sue the company for your compensation, or you can investigate the insurance company for fraud.

No matter which route you end up going down, you’ll need to find the right insurance claims lawyer for the right job before taking the fight to the insurance company. They’ll be able to help you get the claims you deserve and the benefits you need.

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