Travel Tips to Labuan Bajo for the First Timer


Traveling to Labuan Bajo can be something nice to do, especially if you have some days to spent on this nice island. That is because even though this island is not that famous compared with many other islands in Indonesia, having a trip to Labuan Bajo is considerably nice because of many nice spots that you can find in Labuan Bajo. If you are thinking about spending your holiday in Labuan Bajo and this is the first time you go here, then you will need to know some of these tips first. These tips are considered as the tips that many travelers need when they visit Labuan Bajo for the first time.

  • The first one is bring your best camera. When you bring your camera, you need to make sure that you bring the best that you can. Try to bring a camera with the water resistance feature or a camera with a cover so that you can use the camera underwater. This one is important since you will need the camera to take the beautiful underwater sceneries that you can find in Labuan Bajo. Therefore, prepare your best camera.
  • The second tip that you need to do is never visit Labuan Bajo on your own. Basically, you can try to visit Labuan Bajo on your own, but it will be better if you visit this island with some of your friends. The main reason is because you will miss the chance of getting the spectacular cruise on the rented boat if you travel to Labuan Bajo alone. Actually, you can rent the boat on your own, but you will need a lot of money for the 24-hours rent. Therefore, it will be better for you to take some of your friends with you. You can surely save some of your money this way.
  • The next tip is try the local cuisine rather than the international ones. This is not something that you need to do if you do not like the taste of Indonesian cuisines, but if you want to try something totally new, then the cuisine is something that you need to try. That is because the local and traditional cuisines that you can try in Labuan Bajo are considered as the simplest but the tastiest one that you can try. The main ingredients are considerably simple but the result and the taste of the local cuisines in Labuan Bajo are very complex. You should try that one.

Those are some simple tips that you can try if you are going to visit Labuan Bajo for the first time. For your final consideration, the number of people that will go with you to Labuan Bajo is very important since you can surely save a lot of money on this island because most of the attractions are better to do in-group. If you cannot find some friends to travel to Labuan Bajo, you might want to try searching for another group to join during your travel in Labuan Bajo.