Tour Package for Vietnam Vacations

Think about traveling to Vietnam for your next free time? You make a great decision for the reason that Vietnam vacations tours offer you vacation package that will enhance your experience while traveling there. Vietnam is very famous with mesmerizing view for its nature. Not to mention, the beaches are so beautiful as well. You travel to Vietnam; you will be welcomed with nice people. When it comes to its cuisine, your tongue will be spoiled with the richness of its flavors. Religious monument, historical building, and many other will lead you to the best travel experience.


Various packages you can choose to spend your time admiring Vietnam. You can start from Saigon to Hanoi tour for 12 days. During the tour you will be introduced with popular tourist attractions from the North to the South of the country like Can Tho, Cai Rang, Hoi An, Hue, Halong Bay, and more. Another vacation package to book, it is Classic Vietnam tour for 13 days. It is said that to experience the whole Vietnam you need at least 6 weeks. However, not all of people have that much time. Fear not, there is a chance for you to have a taste of Vietnam by considering Classic Vietnam tour.

The tour will make you can experience Vietnam wholly only in 13 days. In addition, you can choose whether you want to start your 13 days tour from Hanoi or you can take it from Saigon. Still looking for another vacation package to enjoy Vietnam? So how about if you take a tour with cruise for 2 days on Halong Bay. Halong Bay caters you with stunning beauty of its surrounding. Not to mention for its natural beauty, Halong Bay is considered as world heritage by UNESCO. Guess what? Through the cruise tour, you can devour the breathtaking seascape there.

Another package, if you are fans of overnight boat cruises or you simply are curious about how it feels to take an overnight cruise tour, that option is available for you. The tour will take about 3 days. The tour will make you to enjoy Mekong river and its natural surroundings. You also have the opportunity to witness Mekong Delta life, sounds good for you? Let it alone, your journey for the overnight boat cruise, it will start from Saigon and will end in the same location.

But you can’t enjoy the vacation package like above mentioned if you choose any travel agency to travel to Vietnam. Bamboo Travel Corporation is a worth mentioning travel agency when it comes to vacation package to experience Vietnam. However, Vietnam is not the only travel destination that they provide. If you consider taking multi country tours like Vietnam to Cambodia tour or Cambodia to Vietnam tour, that kind of vacation package is available for you. You can learn more from their website for the vacation package that is offered to you. There, you will also figure out how you will spend your vacation based on the vacation package that you book.

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