Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flower Girl Dresses  

No one quite draws the attention of a crowd like a beautifully dressed flower girl. She’s sure to be the darling of your bridal party, so it is important to make sure she not only looks great but feels comfortable on your big day as well. However, finding easy and comfortable dresses for girls is often easier said than done. But with a few expert shopping tips, dressing your favorite flower girl can be the least stressful aspect of planning your wedding! Keep reading to check out our simple shopping tips for flower girl dresses.

3 Tips for Finding a Great Flower Girl Dress

  1. Choose Color and Style First

Brides typically have full reign over choosing the ideal flower girl dress for their wedding day. There really are no rules when it comes to proper style. Fabric, fit and color. Most brides will simply go with a dress that ties in well with the overall wedding aesthetic. White and ivory are the most popular color choices or you may want to go with something that matches your bridesmaid dresses. But if you don’t have a strong feeling either way about the overall style of your flower girl’s dress, consider asking her for her opinion.

  1. Consider the Season

Whenever you buy dresses for girls, you need to consider their comfort level. When selecting a beautiful flower girl dress, the season should be a main factor. Planning your wedding during the warm summer or early fall months? Then be sure to go for a design that has short sleeves and pair the dress with open-toed shoes. Alternatively, the addition of a cute sweater and tights will help keep your flower girl comfy during a colder winter wedding. And remember that functional accessories are always a great idea, no matter the season!

  1. Give Her Room to Grow

While you definitely want to make sure your wedding dress fits like a glove, don’t worry too much about finding the perfect fit for your flower girl’s dress. Your flower girl shouldn’t wear anything that is over-sized of frumpy but form-fitting dresses for girls can often be too restrictive. Leave the alterations to the bridesmaid dresses and make sure that your little flower girl is able to simply wear her dress as it comes. She’ll look adorable and feel free to be herself on your wedding day. However, you should keep in mind that young children do grow very quickly, so if you are ordering her dress more than 9 to 12 months in advance, go up a size just to be safe.

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