Tips for Choosing HD CCTV Camera for Home

When it comes to the security of your home, the best option available is closed circuit television cameras or CCTV cameras. They are used as a vital security tool since 1970s. They are mainly used for checking out unwanted activities like theft, robbery deterrence, shoplifting and identifying any unusual and unprecedented activity. If you want to ensure the security of your home you too can install anĀ  HD CCTV camera for home.

While you choose any CCTV camera for your home you can consider these following tips.

Decide whether to use wireless or wired camera

Do you need wired camera connection or wireless connection? The wired connections are hard-wired along with your home electrical system while the wireless cameras work on the wireless signal and battery power. For installing a wired connection you will need technicians and they are hard to replace too. On the other the wireless cameras are simple to install.


However, the wired connection cameras are quite stable and provide good signal quality. So you have to choose whether you want to install wireless cameras for your home security or wired one.

Outdoor or indoor camera

While installing the CCTV camera you must have considered installing them inside your home, but have you considered that invasion to your home starts from outside? If possible you can consider installing a waterproof outdoor camera that will be working to record what is happening in your courtyard.

You will get the outdoor cameras in both snow and rain resistance models. Just ensure that while you install them they should be kept at such places that they cannot be removed easily.

The recording format

What will be the recording format of your home security system? Generally these cameras record for few hours in a day when you are sleeping or are not at home. Thus, if you want some cheap option you can try out video tape format, but the quality of the video footage is not that good.

Modern CCTV cameras use DVD or mini disc for recording that they can be converted to digital video format easily. You can record the system throughout the day and check it out later or even you can upload the video simultaneously when the camera is recording. You can discuss about these features with the dealer when you discuss with them about your requirement.

Virtual access

If you want proper security of your home or are looking for CCTV camera For CP Plus Client, then you can also try out cameras that provide virtual access. That is you will get to see the video footage through your Smartphone and if there is any problem you will get alarm immediately. For such features you may have to pay certain monthly or yearly subscription fees to your CCTV camera provider.
Easy use and great support
Finally, while you choose the CCTV camera you must look for one that is easy to use and the instructions are simple. You should be able to navigate the total system properly. Along with all this you also need to ensure that the provider should be able to provide you with proper support and whenever you need they will help you out.