The Smart Way to Energy Efficient Home

The new trend in home building is energy efficiency; while most people love this they still believe that homes that have geothermal systems or photovoltaic cells are still more expensive. Thankfully, there is a more affordable way to get the same results by choosing timber frame homes. Research shows that timber homes have the capacity to give you a house that will be insulated up to 20% better than your conventional home that has been spray foamed.

Even though most people may use the terms timber frame homes and post and beam homes interchangeably, there are a few differences between them. With post and beam homes there are vertical posts and horizontal beams that are used and they can get connected using steel plates. Timber framing, on the other hand is a little different because the beams and the wooden posts will be held together using a series of mortise and tenon joints that are normally softened together using wooden

Timber frame construction is method of building that has been used for hundreds of years in different parts of the world with every region having its own specific style. As time has moved on there have been many changes and alterations from the older methods of building timber homes. In the past, the solid timber frames would remain exposed on the house’s interior in order to showcase the beauty and quality of wood used; the house would actually enclose the frame like an envelope works. However, these days, timber frame construction is done using computerized machines that take into consideration exact dimensions so as to create timber frame homes that are beautiful and energy efficient where homeowners still appreciate the beauty and strength of the wood. There are several advantages of timber framing that include the following:

Open floor plans: The framework of timber frame homes is done using heavy timbers that can create huge open spaces and high ceilings; since the interior walls do not bear any loads they can be adjusted in such a way that they create any amount of openness that is desired. Since the exteriors of timber homes don’t require headers they enable large glasses to be designed for the house.

Efficiency: The best thing about timber frame homes is their energy efficiency; this is because timber frame construction involves the use of structural insulated panels that will totally enclose the frames which means that there will not be any room for thermal breaks. Timber frame homes are the smart way to getting superior living comfort, energy efficiency and the highest degree of indoor air quality. Since timber frame homes are open they give a feeling of living in a larger home which is what many modern homeowners are usually looking for.