The Sith and Their Weapon of Choice: The Red Lightsaber

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the Sith have continuously battled the Jedi to control all life in the universe. Their ruthless ways have struck terror in the hearts of millions across the cosmos. The Sith utilize the dark side of the force to allow them abilities one could only dream of. Some of their abilities include force lightning, force storm, and force drain. These devious techniques keep the Jedi on their toes in combat and oftentimes give the sith an advantage when it comes to tactics. However, one weapon stands above them all when it comes to defining a Sith Lord and their ruthlessness in combat.

Sith Weapon of Choice

Though the Sith are notorious throughout the galaxy for their warmongering methods, what makes them stand out in appearance is their usage of the red lightsaber. This particular lightsaber oftentimes referred to as a Sith lightsaber, utilized synthetic crystals instead of natural crystals that the Jedi favored. The Sith believed this to be a mark of superiority upon their weapons that gave it a blood rent tint to its glow. This particular color was meant to embody the rage that most Siths carry in their hearts. The Sith lightsaber brought terror to all those who faced a Sith in battle. Their handles were always designed to be more aggressive than the standard Jedi lightsaber. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber crossguard and Darth Maul’s dual-bladed lightsaber gave them a tactical advantage when they entered combat. The Sith continued to reign dominantly in the galaxy with their superior weapons for some time.

How Does a Lightsaber Work?

Lightsabers are infamous for being able to cut through most solid materials. Though there were a few exceptions like Mandalorian armor and Zilo beast hide, most solid materials would be cut through with relative ease. There is a particular science in the Star Wars universe that allows the lightsaber to do what it does best. Kyber crystals are utilized in the hilt of the sword and run through a magnetic stabilizing ring to create a beam of solid plasma energy that the user can summon and dismiss at the press of a button. The magnetic stabilizing ring allows the plasma energy to take the shape of a sword. Without that stabilizing ring, the destructive energy from the kyber┬ácrystals couldn’t be contained. This technology allows the Sith to harness a weapon that strikes fear in all who opposes their dominance in the universe.