Technology and the Meeting Professional


For a retailer like GWC Valves, when setting up a special event, it is important to plan everything ahead of time such as the technology at the event. Before the event or conference they will be organizing, it is important to know the desktop uses including Microsoft Office Suit, Facebook, Twitter, Wikis and so on along with figuring out what third party software tools will be used as well.

For any event, the marketing and communication is important therefore the use of web sites and other forms of strategic communications is used. It is used to have a clear, easy to find resource for information, allows you to focus on the who, what, where, when and why of the event, make a sale in a way that doesn’t scare the customer away, and it allows you to create an efficient, customer friendly web site. Having a company blog, comments or even Twitter hashtags is a good idea to generate buzz about the event, before and after. When it comes to the event website, core rules for a successful website include having a clear, easy way to find information, focus on making the sale and the payment process on registration form.

Using social media networks for the event before and after is crucial and the use of all the interactive online tools available as well. The best social networks to use for any event is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course EventBrite to get attendees to confirm their presence. For the company website, one popular tool is Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and it allows the web site to create or gather a feed of information about specific topic and publishes it as an RSS feed that can be accessed on site. Blogging is an online diary that is posted to the web by an individual that allows anyone a forum to voice their opinion and a two-way medium that allows readers to respond and further the discussion.

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