Quick Guide To Steroid Side Effects And Ways To Minimize Them

Steroids are powerful compounds, which have been used extensively for medical and non-medical purposes. There are two distinct categories of steroids, namely corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. The latter is more popular in the bodybuilding community, while corticosteroids are extensively used for medical treatments. In this post, we will try to decode the side effects of anabolic steroids, along with ways to minimize the same.

Understanding steroids

All anabolic-androgenic steroids are synthetic variants of testosterone. These are manufactured artificially in a lab and have different potency and side effects.  Testosterone is known to impact many things in men, including their libido and male characteristics. Anabolic compounds mimic the same effects, although these are much more powerful than generic testosterone. Also known as stackers, these steroids are often taken in a cycle and in combination with other options, so as to increase the benefits.

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The side effects

Anabolic drugs can impact your mood and can lead to frequent aggressive behavior and mood swing. While these drugs don’t impact the brain function, these can influence the synthesis of dopamine, which has been tested on animals. The physical effects are often more serious. Most men and women face a few common side effects, such as acne, increase in body hair, male pattern baldness and change in libido. In men, decreased testicle size is a grave concern, while women may have issues with periods and fertility. Steroids can impact the major organs, especially the heart, kidneys and liver. Liver damage remains one of the main concerns for most users, while reduced production of natural testosterone is another aspect. With inadequate testosterone, you may see more changes in your body.

Minimizing these effects

First things first, you should always use steroids as recommended. Of course, these recommendations don’t come from physicians but experienced bodybuilders. If you are new to steroids, always start with a lower dose. There are many forums where you can find detailed cycle recommendations. Keep in mind that higher doses increase the risks considerably, and you can have side effects that are otherwise avoidable. Also, don’t overuse steroids beyond the cycle, which shouldn’t exceed 17 weeks in any case. You should also keep a check on the stack, which can be different for different people.

Steroids are drugs, and hence, every compound can act in its own ways on every person. Follow your diet and workout, and with responsible use of steroids, you can get the right results!