Picking the best twin-gear juicer on the market

Many people today are bothered with the problem of choice of a reliable juicer. In the times when new products arrive on a daily basis and market is literally overwhelmed with the variety of goods the issue turns to be extremely burning. As one may guess, the cheaper appliances wear out much faster, for they are made of poor-quality materials. With this as a concept, major part of those gets rejected when it comes to caring for one’s own health and using the appliance in a longer period of time. Some would say only eminent brands with their highly praised juicer models are worth giving a shot. Hasten to say, we totally share that kind of opinion and provide our own review on the top rated juice extractors.

Twin-gear masticating juicers – no more oxidation and noise

Quite often people ask what advantages twin gear masticating juicers have over the other types of juice extracting machines. To start with, they use an absolutely different technology to press the ingredients. Instead of the centrifugal disc, there are two counter-rotating augers that work at much lower speed. Usually, the rotation rate doesn’t exceed 80-110 rpm. However, there are exceptions like Omega TWN30S and a number of others that press the fruits at a speed of 160 rpm.

From theory to practice, the low speed causes a beneficial influence on the resulting quality of produce. Thus, absence of a heat factor allows the nutrients and vitamins to be fully extracted. In addition, it prevents the occurrence of oxidation process, which negatively affects the taste and nutritious properties of a juice. In addition, the low rpm greatly contributes to a relatively low level of noise. This being said, the twin-gear juicers use much more advanced technology compared to the older appliances.

Model range to choose from



As was mentioned earlier the juicer works at a constant speed of 160 rpm and can deal with the fruits and vegetables of any size or consistence. The leafy greens admirers will be much pleased to know it presses easily every last drop out of those and leaves only the dry pulp. Should you wish for some nut butter of frozen dessert, you can do that too no problem.



First things first, preparing baby food or some kind of sorbets is not an issue with this product at hand. No matter what type of ingredients you choose it will always provide you with an excellent yield and simply unmatched juice taste. Still have some doubts regarding this matter? Obtain a device and check it for yourself. The stainless steel augers are specially designed to offer you the highest-quality beverages in a long-term use.



The last but not list in our review is Samson Green Power KPE-1304. What makes it so popular among customers is it’s the least noisy among all the currently existing juicers. The appliance is equipped with a one-liter magnetized jug and offers a comfortable storing of the juice. Preparing ice creams and jams is just a piece of cake with this product by your side. In combination with easy cleaning, it all makes the product one of the best selling juicers on the market.