Oriental Health Insurance – Worth The Cost?


The inception of Oriental health Insurance company happened on 12th September 1947, just days after India gained independence from the British. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government security life assurance company limited. The main aim for the formation of the company was to offer general insurance solutions. Today Oriental has countrywide coverage with 31 regional offices and more than 1800+ operating offices spread across various cities in India.

How To Shop For Oriental Health Insurance Online?

Oriental offers new-age online platform to choose your Oriental Health Insurance policy. All you need to do is log on to the company website of Oriental health insurance. Click on the ‘buy online’ tab and select on the policy you want to buy. It will take you the page where you need to enter your personal and plan details as per your requirement. Once you have filled the details, it will calculate the premium for you. If you are ok with the premium, you can proceed to fill in the final formalities and make the payment. Once you make the payment, you will get a soft copy of the policy instantly and the hard copy will be sent to your residence within 6 to 8 working days.

The process is simple and self-explanatory online and does not require much effort and time. The other advantage of buying Oriental Insurance online is that you will save on commission and hassle of tedious paperwork.

Oriental Health Insurance For You Smart People

Today Oriental Insurance is a household name and has gained the status of a trustworthy company in the Indian insurance industry. Its plans provide some of the best insurance covers offered for individual or family insurance solutions. The company has come a long way since inception and offers various health insurance covers for the benefit and unique requirements of different individuals and families.

Let’s have a look at the three categories of the plan which the company offers-

  1. Individual Mediclaim Policy

The individual mediclaim provides various advantages and benefits to the policyholder whereby he/she can claim for the following

  •    Treatment in hospitals lasting more than a day due to sickness, surgery or ill health can be claimed
  •    Provision to claim for pre and post hospitalisation expenses. For pre it is 30 days and for post, it is 60 days
  •    Claim for day care treatment which doesn’t require more than 24 hours of hospitalisation due to the availability of advanced technology equipment’s and process
  •    Claim for ambulance charges which is limited to 1% of sum insured of INR 2000 whichever is lower
  •    Claim for dental treatment in the policy caused due to an accident
  •    Claim for organ donation expenditure during the process of organ transplantation

Happy Family Floater Policy

The family floater plan of Oriental health insurance offers comprehensive health coverage for the entire family. Each member gets a common sum insured coverage which can be used in times of need. Oriental further offers two plans- gold and silver- for choice in selection. Let’s take a look at the features of these plans-

  •    Room charges can be claimed however it should not exceed 1% of the sum insured
  •    ICU charges can be claimed for a limit of 2% of sum insured for a day
  •    Charges for various treatments by a specialist can be claimed like Doctor, anaesthetist, surgeon, and consultant
  •    Ambulance charges are limited to 1000 per illness in silver plan and cannot exceed INR 3000 or 1% of the sum insured. In the gold plan, it is INR 2000 per illness and a limit of INR 6000 per policy period.
  •    The gold plan also entertains the claim for attendants to a limit of INR 500 per day for 10 days with an overall limit of 15 days in a policy period.
  •    A claim can be made for an animal bite to a limit of INR 5000
  •    For treatment carried out at home, claim can be made to the limit of 10% of the sum insured or INR 25000 whichever is higher under silver plan. In gold plan, the limit exceeds to INR 50,000.

Overseas Mediclaim policy

The overseas mediclaim of Oriental insurance policy includes various benefits as listed below-

  •    Expenses can be claimed for hospitalisation or medical services. It also includes transport fees of the ambulance service in times of medical emergency
  •    Expenses can be claimed for dental treatment to a limit of USD 225. If the dental treatment is due to an accident, the coverage amount will be same as the insurance cover opted by the policyholder
  •    The transportation for the remains to send to the home country can be claimed by the nominee under the overseas mediclaim policy


Oriental Insurance plans offer a variety of different health insurance policies to suit the needs and requirements of different people. Depending upon the health insurance requirements, you can choose an appropriate Oriental Health Insurance policy that will smartly cover your medical expenses in times of emergency for health issues.