No More Living With The Woes Of Poverty!

Poverty is a curse that befalls many people. They are often born into it and need to live with it permanently for life. Are they to be blamed for their plight? Unfortunately, most people look down at poor people basically for their lack of money and education. They are not given chances just for the simple reason they are poor and do not deserve to live a life of respect and dignity- this unfair treatment in still prevalent in many parts of the globe!

A Non-Profit Organization Out To Eliminate Poverty!

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on the eradication of poverty. The experts of this Foundation ensures that poor families get micro finance loans to expand their present occupation and put an end to an impoverished existence. They have been successfully when it comes to helping many families across the world. They have traveled to poor nations and met families where the never-ending woes of poverty refuses to go. They educate and make these families aware of the benefits of micro finance and how these small loans can be paid off easily.Image result for No More Living With The Woes Of Poverty!

Giving families access to capital

Poor people are no less talented and skilled than their well-off counterparts. They do not get the opportunity or the chance to prove themselves and earn a decent income for themselves. This is where the professionals of The Foundation step in to help them. With even a small amount of capital, the poor families here can start earning on their own. They can excel in the trade and start educating their children. Most children from poor families cannot even afford the basic education. They grow up illiterate. The Foundation helps them here. Poor families should be given their basic rights to health and education. This will help them improve their social status and their economic condition.

Key strategy to help poor people become financially independent

Micro finance loans target women borrowers as they are less likely to default over their male counterparts. The repayment rates are better. Another reason for micro finance loans is families are less likely to pull their kids out of school due to lack of money. The representatives of the Foundation say that even if one child is educated, the family has a very high chance to end poverty!

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation does not depend on donations to sustain. It is independent and doing a very good job when it comes to helping poor families get rid of poverty. Moreover, success stories of families that have benefitted from micro finance loans from the Foundation are inspiring and motivating. The dedicated team here still state they have a long way to go and more awareness needs to be spread in the field. They also say that families should embrace these loans if they really wish to improve their quality of life and improve their standards of living. They do not deserve to live with poverty forever- all it takes is the first step!

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