Luis Manual Ramirez Explaining Positive Influences in Energy Management

A common aim of every country, its government and people is to save energy, either through reduction in the consumption of it or by saving the wastage of power. Using conventional sources of energy directly affects the environment hence degrading the quality of health while simultaneously contributing to elevated lifestyle standards. To avoid the conflict of two, various energy management systems arose for its optimal utilization that would do tend to balance both.

Luis Manual Ramirez emphasizes on why to implement energy management:

  • To save extra money spent on bills: energy is neither cheap nor insignificant. It is important in every industry, every house in a society and in every other institutions to consume energy. All functions and activities rely on it, the demand is never ending and the rates are reaching the sky.Hence, the only way to save on energy costs is by switching to power management and consume, as much is necessary. It is however vital to tally the difference in energy consumption by observing the before and after records, to ensure the chosen energy management system is doing its work efficiently.Image result for Positive Influences in Energy Management
  • To save the environment: the energy consumption negatively affects the environment in inglorious manner. Its harmful impact include water and air pollution, extinction of species and endangered species, destruction of natural habitats, degrading health conditions of humans and lot more. Therefore, as the evolved race who invented the use of this energy should contribute to the improvement of nature animals and self, by saving the excess energy rather than wasting it. Applying energy management to daily power consumption would significantly contribute in saving the environment from further annihilation.
  • Risk of power shortage: the constant rise in demand of energy, and with limited resource the energy would cease some day and would not be available few years from now. Frequent cuts and shortage in power would equally damage the steady flow of business and inversely affect the profitability. In order to avoid facing such dreadful tomorrow, it is time to act now and consider adapting to necessary changes.

While many countries have strict regulations that requires organizations, institutions and people to prevent emission of excess CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The majorly polluted nations have still not regulated any such strict measures and hence in the rise of pollution level.

However, with the penetration of renewable energy, a lot of countries and their respective governments have decided upon maximum use of it. Since the renewable sources involve wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, hydrokinetic power and biomass for the production of energy, these would provide power for long-term demands. Besides these are not as impactful on environment as the renewable ones, since do not emit any harmful gas like CO2.

Luis Manual Ramirez, presently the CEO of Todo Modo Group, and having substantial experience in Global energy and Industrial Markets has observed companies undertaking the amalgamation of both sources. Major reasons being to fulfill the demand of constant supply, that too at environmental friendly terms.

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