Know More about Anavar Cycle

For the question which is the safest anabolic steroid available in the market, there is no doubt its answer is going to be anavar. Those who have used it have always loved it. It’s very gentle but very powerful that enhances ones performance. And for this reason, women love to take this than any other considering the low dosage they need to take, the mildness as well as being safe with no side effects. It is used by both men and women but a woman gets greater benefit than man. As said earlier the dosage for women is low but for men it needs to be taken in high doses to get proper results.

Let us understand about comment bien prendre Anavar

Men usually use his for cutting fat. Bulking up in man is not possible with anavar. May be it can happen but if trying for that men need to take really very high doses which is not a good choice since it is an expensive steroid and it does not make any sense using it for something it is not  good for. But at the same time in women it works wonder in both cutting phase as well as bulking process. It helps preserving lean muscles and helps in achieving hardness to your physique. Recommended dose for men is from fifty to eighty mg per day which works quiet well in them. Some body builders take hundred mg for faster result but is not usually needed or suggested. But it is not allowed to take more than hundred mg a day as it will not work and will be not beneficial at all.


The cycle should be continued for six to eight weeks for cutting phase in men. In women it helps increase athletic ability too. Before using they must check they can be tolerated by their body. Women can take ten mg to twenty mg a day, ten being the common dose. Just ten is enough and twenty is used rarely by some as you will get perfect results from ten mg itself. Six weeks is the cycle recommended but unlike men women need to have a break of three to six weeks in between another anavar cycle. It is guaranteed that you will get desires results in six weeks and you will definitely feel great that just being good as you will develop attractive athletic body that you have always wished for with great strength and stamina.

What is needed to be taken care of is the virilization that may happen to some which affects women’s femininity. If you any symptoms of virilization, it is to be discontinued from the moment itself. Stopping it at the first stage itself will automatically remove the problem but if ignored, it may become permanent. Problem but if ignored, it may become permanent. So it is always necessary to monitor your body and health I the entire process to be on the safer side and get maximum results.