Know How Helpful DHT Hormone Is For Muscle Building And Recovery

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is created from the enzymatic activity of testosterone. DHT is an androgen and is one of the powerful hormones that help muscle building and recovery. However, it is also the main cause of male type of hair loss and baldness.


Get the correct knowledge

Testosterone is a hormone produced by male reproductive organs. This is then later converted to DHT that exhibits masculine properties in a male. However, excess DHT is also responsible for hair loss. But, you must also know that DHT is not only the main factor for hair loss.

There are number of criteria involved with it. You may also suffer from hair loss if your diet and exercise chart is not proper. Hair loss will even occur if your body is depleted out of protein and vitamins.

So what does DHT do?

DHT is responsible for the depth of voice, facial and body hair, stronger bones and muscles. It also recues the chances of prostate cancer. Nevertheless, it also helps in sperm production and sex drive. Males who are having lower levels of testosterone in their blood stream with also experience hair loss, low levels of muscular mass, high body fat, decreased sex drive, infertility, and low energy levels.

Moreover, if you are trying to gain muscles you must understand the potential role for DHT. To begin with, testosterone gest converted to DHT through 5-alpha-reductase of commonly known as 5-AR. Increase in the quantity of 5-AR will automatically increase test levels and in turn convert the testosterone in DHT.

Increase in the enzymatic activity affects the hair. So, you should rather block the excess enzymes rather than DHT. This is because blocking DHT will indirectly affect your testosterone production.

Relationship of testosterone and DHT

This relationship is close and mutual as they are formed from the same region of the human body and has got same cell receptors. However, DHT does not get easily reduced and it binds to the receptor cells for a longer period of time. This is why sometimes results in muscular growth vary from person to person.

At the same time 5-AR is also responsible for the formation and utilization of human growth hormone. HGH is also directly involved with the formation of testosterone. Even if you are taking external sources of HGH, 5-AR has to absorb it for better results.