Ingredients that Make Promising Space In the Manufacture of Snacks Bars

Snacking is a part and parcel of life for most of the Americans, and it is as common as 90 percent of them reaching out for the snack bars for at least one course a day. So the first thing that they come up with is the portable snacks and nutrition bars which are made with simple, clean label ingredients that deliver the functionality. Ultimately, the consumers have always wanted them when it comes to snacks bars- and they demand the most affordable options which will provide a healthy option for a better life, keeping the taste factor intact. And quite interestingly, 51 percent of consumers have voted in a campaign that taste makes more sense to them than the health factor when it comes to snacks bars.

But the entire dynamics of the market has changed, and more and more effort is put on providing the consumers with a 360-degree sensory experience, where the focus is not just on the health factor, but also on maximizing the taste and texture. So while a bar needs to be soft and crunchy, at the same time it needs to be made of whole seeds which include flax, millet, and sorghum in the product. According to Peter Gaum, who stands as a pillar behind the manufacturing of the Santa Barbara Bar, Protein, particularly from the vegetable sources, has even crept to take the center stage in the snack and bars. Quite interestingly, the demand for the ancient grains is trending as the consumers have started perceiving them to be complete nutritionally and also with flavor. And the end result? The presence of all these elements helps to deliver a different texture and taste when compared to that of wheat, rice, and corn.court

While carrying out some studies in the local market, factors like taste, convenience, variety, price, energy, and performance keep being the driving force for higher demand of the snacks bars. And keeping this market preference in mind, most of the consumers have even voted for the purposefulness of the ingredients before having them. Protein and fiber are the two most popular ingredients most of the consumers demand especially when it comes to satiety and weight loss. Since the entrance in the snacks industry is quite easy without must investment, the competition has already been on the peak, and high protein snacks bars are currently riding the marketing wave for reaching out to the maximum consumers.

According to Peter Gaum, Santa Barbara snack bar keeps the protein and fiber formulations in their core as there’s a foreseeable future in using these ingredients. While the micro-nutrients are trending upward now, they have even begun to see an opportunity for the bars which deliver micro-nutrient enrichment claims. Those who have been dealing with the confectionery items have claimed that bars with rich fiber content claim to be the active food and drink sub-category in the entire United States.

The demand for the convenient and tasty snacks bars will always be high as time crunch is a stagnant factor of modern lifestyle. Making them nutritionally rich even stays in the focus for most of the manufacturers.

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