Hyundai All New SANTRO | Power to perform

Hyundai has always been one of the prime manufacturers of automobiles in India, plus, it also has a global reputation. Right from its stepping in to the automobile sector in the country, the company has made sure to cater to the needs and demands of the customers. The company’s first car to take a flight in terms of sales, customer satisfaction, and performance was Santro and the car rules the market in almost all the aspects after its launch. Santro with its every preceding generation has captivated hearts, which till date seems to be true. The newest version of the car with advanced features and following the legacy that the first generation of the car did set, it still seems to take the same footsteps. Here are a few things and aspects that you need to know about the newest generation of Santro.


The engine of the newest generation of this car does not seem to displease the audiences. The car comes packed with a new-generation Epsilon engine that resembles the engine that was once used in the manufacturing of the Hyundai i-10. The capacity of this engine is 1.1 L. The car comes in petrol, as well as, CNG fuel variants. The car possesses a 5-speed automatic and manual transmission as well.

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Despite the many changes that have been made to the design and the built of the car, the design of the car pretty much follows the same. The typical small and stylish look of the first-generation Santro is still visible in the newest model.


The outer build of the car follows the same old Santro pattern. The front is pretty simple with curved edged and small headlamps that match the overall front look of the car. The grille is placed quite below than the other hatchbacks in the segment and follows a horizontal grille pattern. The back of the car has a changed look with more angular and chiseled design that drastically differs from the previous generations of the car.


The interior of the car happens to see a noticeable change, the interiors of the car are all designed in dual tone shades of black and beige. The car has leather finish and has high quality plastic beneath it. The cabin offers a good space and has ample legroom, shoulder room, and head room. The seats have appropriate cushioning. There is an infotainment system placed right in the middle of the dashboard and there are standard air-conditioning vents on either of the sides. The AC vents on the side have a triangular pattern.


The performance of this car appeals all, it has high torque and decent power. The mileage that is offered by the car varies with the fuel variants and the usage. The mileage ranges from 20 to 30 km/l.


The price of the all new Hyundai Santro varies with the model and the fuel variant, it starts from 3.5 lac and goes up to 6.0 lac. The car is available in blue, red, white, grey, and beige shades.