How To Save When Shopping For Baby Clothes: Here Are Some Handy Tips

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Dressing up babies in cute outfits is one of the perks of being a new parent. They look so adorable in their tiny clothes that you will find yourself posting pictures on social media more than you would have ever imagined. The downside to all of the dressing up fun, baby clothes are pricey and babies grow out of them very quickly which means the expenses will keep piling up.

Expecting parents, first-time parents, and even those who already have experience should take note of the following tips to help them save money on baby clothes and other accessories:

1. Hand Me Downs

The oldest and probably one of the most effective ways to save money on baby items like clothes, cribs, and other accessories is to ask friends and family for hand me downs. Most likely a few will have kept baby clothes their children used a few times as babies and will happily pass them on to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for clothes they don’t plan on using anymore.

2. Shop Wisely

While it might be tempting to dress your baby in name brand outfits during their first few months for the sake of pictures and memories, that isn’t very wise for your budget. Instead, look into discount retail sites for deals. Plain but comfortable baby clothes are more than enough for your baby’s few months. Plus, if you shop in bulk, you can get a better discount on the clothes.

3. Buy The Bigger Size

Discount retail sites are the best places to look for high-quality and affordable baby clothes that come in different styles. Some styles are adjustable which means you can purchase a size or two bigger than your baby’s actual size and adjust accordingly as they grow. Babies quickly outgrow their clothes, why not make the best of their first few outfits and save some money along the way?

4. Purchase Clothes Off-Season

A great way to earn big savings without compromising your baby’s wardrobe is to shop off-season. Buy winter clothes during the summer and vice versa to grab the best deals possible. Just make sure you account for your baby’s growth so that the clothes still fit them when the season rolls around the next year.

5. Skip The Shoes

Shelling out $30 and upwards on a brand name pair of shoes for your baby is not a smart idea. In fact, it is a waste of money. Babies do not walk, hence they don’t need an expensive pair of shoes to match their outfit. There are tons of creative and chic socks that double as shoes for babies, this is the smarter choice when it comes to saving money on footwear. Plus, socks are much more comfortable than shoes for your baby’s tiny feet!

Saving For The Future

The smarter you are when it comes to purchasing baby clothes, the more you will end up saving. Instead of buying that branded onesie, go for the plain discounted option and put the money towards their college fund instead.
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