How to Avoid Car Accidents

To err is human! But that can never be a comforting excuse when it comes to loss of life and major damages caused by car accidents. So, it is important for every car owner and driver to avoid unsafe driving and follow the traffic rules. It is not always the driver’s fault if an accident happens. You may fall prey to someone’s ignorance or mistakes. If that happens to you, it is must to file a complaint claim with help of a Seattle car accident attorney.

Car accidents may happen due to several reasons. Being aware of these reasons will help you avoid hazards and stay safe. Here are the commonest causes of car crashes in the USA.


Getting distracted during driving could cost you your life and/or heavy damage to property. Stay focussed as long as you are behind the driver’s wheel. Avoid talking on mobiles, messaging, eating or applying makeup as it could distract your attention in times of driving.


Driving under influence or driving while intoxicated is one of the leading causes of car accidents in America. If you are drunk, hire a taxi or give the key to your friend who is not in tipsy state.

Rash Driving

Don’t dare to be aggressive on the road. Even if you are in hurry, don’t pick up speed over the limit. Always obey the traffic rules. Stay calm and cool while driving, you will be able to avoid horrible accidents.


Apart from alcohol, illegal drugs including marijuana and prescription pills also cause terrible accidents as these destroy one’s normal judgement and decision making skill.


Rain makes the road slippery and dangerous for driving. It is not always possible to avoid going out in the rain. However, you should make it a point not to drive on the roads severely damaged by incessant rain. The roads are not unsafe if it is drizzling but a few hours’ heavy shower could leave those in treacherous conditions. Furthermore, it may also affect your visibility, especially during night. It’s better to wait until heavy rain stops and you can see everything clearly.

Driving at Night

If you suffer from night blindness, avoid driving at night. Even people with normal eyesight experience blurred vision if there is not plenty of light.  Stay extra alert while driving at night and turn full lights on while taking an abandoned road or alley where there is no or only a few streetlamps.

Teen Drivers

Teenagers are not expert drivers and that lack of expertise may cause horrifying accidents. They are often found talking over phones while sitting behind the driver’s wheel.

Wrong Turns

Taking wrong turns may have dangerous consequences when you are driving. Read the street signs signalling one-way traffic and revealing other important information.


Whatever you say, it’ll be a lame excuse if your car gets closer to another one in front of yours. The other person’s car might be a slow-runner but you must take precautions to avoid collision. Maintain a safe distance as it will be easier for you to react spontaneously if the car suddenly stops or takes a turn.

Staying proactive is important for everyone as your life is precious not only for you but for your near and dear ones.