How LinkedIn Can Help Strengthen Your Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management has been facilitated for professionals looking for a networking tool to accelerate their career. With the introduction of LinkedIn as a new social media platform and networking medium for professionals, businesses and individuals are able to connect and benefit from new opportunities. ORM services and ORM companies are continuously promoting the use of LinkedIn for brands, both personal use as well as business, in order to help strengthen their reputation management efforts. If you are waiting to create a LinkedIn profile for your brand because you feel as though you are lacking sufficient reasons, then look no further. Below are some statistics and reasons to prove that LinkedIn can advance your career and strengthen your online reputation management efforts.

LinkedIn ranks well within search results.

LinkedIn pages rank high within search engine result pages on Google. Any pages that are made on LinkedIn that has relevance to your search will often appear within the first three results. This makes your content more visible and accessible to anyone interested.

You control your own content.

One of the benefits that LinkedIn offers its members is the ability to control the content on your own page. If you wish to publish something, delete something, promote something, whatever the case may be, you have the freedom to do so with your LinkedIn account. You are also able to publish your own articles on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn helps you claim ownership of your identity online.

If you are constantly being mistaken for someone else online who shares the same name as you, LinkedIn can help solve this issue for you and distinguish you from the other individuals who share the same name as you. You’re able to edit the URL for your LinkedIn account in order to direct people to the right account when they are looking for you.

Overall, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to keep in mind and consider when you are exploring options to strengthen your online reputation management efforts. LinkedIn can help you to develop your reputation and increase your brand’s online exposure.