How can Armod be of help to Narcoleptics in being energetic all the time?

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How do you feel if you have not slept well or overslept in a day?

Indeed, such instances induces our restlessness and uneasiness.

Just imagine a condition where you feel like sleeping most of the day or lose control over your sleep cycle. It is disgusting, isn’t?

Such a condition in medical terms is known as Narcolepsy.

What are Narcolepsy and its symptoms?

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological dysfunction of the brain’s abilities to have control over the sleep-wake cycle. The sleep could be anytime and anywhere ranging from a few seconds to minutes. Some of its symptoms are – excessively sleeping in the day, not getting sufficient night-time sleep, moving and talking disability.

How was Narcolepsy treated earlier? How continuous research helped in the treatment of Narcolepsy?

The first substance used in the drug for Narcolepsy was Adrafinil. But it was metabolised prior to conversion into active drug Modafinil. This metabolism took place in the liver. Later on, the result of continuous research was that using the drug Modafinil directly was found. Still, research continued, and that purer form of the drug, Armodafinil came into existence.

How Armod acts in Narcoleptics?

If you have to work on long shifts, you may eventually have sleep disorders, the anti-narcoleptic substance Armodafinil, containing drug Armod, is safer than pure coffee.

It essentially tricks the brain to think that it is still day time and you need to be awake. Whereas, the brain on its own wants to doze off. The drug substance stimulates those areas of the brain which is responsible for wakefulness.

Armod useful to improve health in many ways:

  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder patients are also able to focus better and be much more productive.

  1. Healthy people who are suffering from excessive sleep disorders. Sleep when they should be sleeping, i.e. during the nights. Have healthy wakefulness during the day.

  1. People who are unable to concentrate due to stress, changes in the weather, jet lag or lack of sleep. Now can concentrate in a better manner.

  1. Some of the country’s military confided that they used this formulation for their soldiers to be more vigilant through a number of days at a stretch.

  1. As there are a number of distractions like smartphones, social media, entertainment packs, etc. this formulation will induce proper sleep at proper time, to make them more energetic and productive.

  1. This medication will not make you dependent on it. Use this drug on essential occasions like exams, meetings, and negotiations. This doesn’t act on the brain like Amphetamines, which causes addictions. Once the drug has acted upon the brain stimulation, it gets washed from the body leaving no side effects.

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