We have to learn to stop the thought process, and control our mind. To enjoy ever deeper mental states. We are innate seekers of happiness, so let’s look! Our mind has a mixture of thought, anger attachments, hatred, resentment, the envy, jealousy. All these are mental disturbances, which do not suit us. They disturb the peace and tranquility of the mind. We have to get used to having a mind, calm and positive and we will have a balanced mind. We must learn to train the mind so that external conditions do not affect us.

How will we learn to control external emotions?

Meditation is the tool we will use. We must bring the mind to peace. Increasing gentle mental states.

Meditation will be the most important food of the day. To eliminate Stress, Anxiety or other states of restlessness. “Heal your Life, start to meditate, you will see how your Nervousness, Anxiety, Stress, Hyperactivity. We have to get used to having a mind, calm and positive and we will have a balanced mind.


What is the therapy bowl?

It is an alternative therapy used by the Eastern cultures thousands of years ago. Its main purpose is the healing of certain diseases, achieving the mental and corporal balance.

The bowl therapy, as the name implies, is a therapy that uses quartz bowls or Tibetan bowls knows as Medication blow as well. Based on the physical principle that indicates that matter is energy at different levels of vibration, the therapy bowl seeks to produce sounds with the vibration of the bowls. ¬†Apparently, the sound emitted by the vibration of the bowls is similar to that emitted by the brain when it is in a state of deep meditation or in full cry. A process in which the person’s vital energy is balanced and the nervous system is stimulated, causing the sound waves produced by the bowls to pass through the entire bony part.

Those who perform the procedure first prepare the person to enter a state of relaxation and calm so that his whole being is ready for this therapy to have a beneficial and effective effect.

The brain is the one that begins to receive the vibrations and turns them into energy that is distributed by the rest of the body realizing a therapeutic procedure that has healing properties by means of the synchronization and harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres.

The person enters a state of deep relaxation since the alpha waves of the bowls, as said before, synchronize the two cerebral hemispheres causing the individual to fall into a state of reverie, well-being, balance and expansion of consciousness.

Benefits of Cuenco therapy:

  • Positive changes in mind
  • Balancing electromagnetic energies
  • Harmonization of energy
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • It balances the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental side
  • Increased production of T lymphocytes, involved in strengthening the immune system
  • Cleaning the auric field
  • Contributes to the elimination of diseases of the kidneys, muscles, joints
  • End circulatory problems people suffering from depression, stress, chronic fatigue and other diseases related to the emotional and corporal part can be helped of this type of therapy. According to experts in the subject people who have gone through moments of pain like the death of a loved one, cancer sufferings, sterility, among others, have found very good results to their suffering or illness in the use of bowl therapy.

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