Fundraising: The Fun and Excitement of It All

Crowdfunding is a process in which a lot of people come together to raise money for a cause. The cause may be social, political, medical or just for business. But crowdfunding utilizes the power of the crowd and depends on small contributions made by many people to raise a large sum. Crowdfunding can be tiring work but sometimes it is also very exciting. In this article, I will elaborate on the exciting part of crowdfunding.

A large number of fundraisers in India are for medical causes. This gives a grim aura to crowdfunding. But crowdfunding is not just that. Crowdfunding can be done for a whole host of reasons. And in fact, if crowdfunding enables people to seek treatment, that’s definitely a good thing. If you are one of the many people using crowdfunding to start your exciting new business, you will find the entire process very engaging. Moreover, if you are raising money for NGO or charity efforts, crowdfunding can be a fun activity. To think that crowdfunding is only a lot of calculations about securities and platforms is a misrepresentation. Moreover, certain things can allow your crowdfunding experience to be more fun than it already is.

Here are a few ways in which crowdfunding can be a fun activity.

  1. You make a team to raise funds: It is absolutely essential to form a team as this divides the work and makes the burden lighter. However, working with a team can also be great fun. You can have your own little group where you can discuss your schedule and what you plan to do ahead. As always, make sure that your plans succeed and that your team is trustworthy.
  2. Organizing donor meet ups: This can be an important part of every campaign. Donors need to know who they are donating their money to. Therefore, many of them would feel comfortable if they actually met the campaigner in real life. This is especially true for people for are running NGOs and charities. Organizing a meeting of donors and planning a schedule can be a fun activity.
  3. Donors meet children: If you are one of those people working with children and who has taken to crowdfunding, a great activity to do is to ask donors to come meet the kids you are working with. Organize something fun like a quiz with the children, or games. These things are bound to increase donor attachment and make for fun bonding.
  4. What if I am looking for investors? Ask your investors where they would like to meet you. If you are launching a product, ask them to come and see the product for themselves. This would increase their trust in you. When they do come, you can provide them with some activity to do.
  5. Recovery party: Let us say you ran a crowdfunding campaign for a medical cause and the patient is now recovering. You can have a recovery party with all the people who donated money to your campaign. Ask the recovering person to meet all the people who made this possible. Personally thank everyone and arrange for food and drinks. This is bound to be a rewarding activity for everyone.
  6. Crowdfunding sites: There are plenty of crowdfunding sites in India. If you have run a campaign with a crowdfunding site and liked their work, you can always recommend them on social media and to your friends. This also rewards the people who work to make your crowdfunding experience smooth.

Crowdfunding is not just work. It is a low risk and low investment way to raise money which is also a great fun activity.