Everybody Can Be Closer to the Real-Side of Video Conferencing

As we explained before, video conferencing is experiencing a real revolution in the field of the senses, such as smell or touch. Face-to-face virtual communication has evolved a lot since its inception, not only has it gained in quality, speed and mobility, but different tools and programs have also emerged so that more and more virtual meetings resemble an expensive meeting to face.

An example is Frebble that allows us to hold hands in a somewhat peculiar way. Frebble is a kind of ergonomic joystick that adapts to the shape of our hand and allows you to have the sensation of touching the hand to another person. A couple of pressure sensors are able to know how tightly we hold it and some vibration engines are in charge of allowing us to feel it.ur

With two or more devices, one for each person who performs the videoconference, we can send and receive caresses, grips or any gesture within the limitations of the device itself. Its Bluetooth or USB connection allows you to use it with smartphones, tablets and computers.

On the other hand, another important aspect for a video conference to be assimilated more to a face-to-face meeting is the look. People who connect via video call do not look into the eyes, but look at the screen, and this diminishes the sense of reality in the face-to-face conversation. In this sense, the researchers of the Laboratory of Computer Graphics of Zurich, are working on an application that allows to always be looking at the person on the other side. The camera can easily detect the user’s head and its position, then the video conferencing software, is responsible for superimposing our own modified face, so that it seems that we are looking forward.

But initiatives have not only come to bring virtual communication closer to reality in the field of sight and touch, but also in the sense of smell. Ophone is a device that allows transmitting odors through the Internet almost immediately. Ophone is composed of several tubes that connected via Bluetooth with the mobile emits aromas and odors according to the messages that are received through the device, for example, you can send a photo with a coffee cup and its smell to another user who is thousands of kilometers. According to its creators, it is possible to make up to 300,000 different aromas. Although the project is at an early stage, the idea in the future is that the user can choose an aroma and send it in a video call.

Looking at these initiatives, we should not be surprised if in the near future ezTalks Cloud Meeting customers, ezTalks’ professional videoconference software, can shake hands or even transmit smells through the service. What we do know for sure is that currently ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers features specially designed for the company and that are equipped with the maximum benefits so that a live meeting, training or interview by videoconference has the highest quality and reliability. ezTalks Cloud Meeting incorporates Full HD image quality and allows you to participate in video calls from any device (Macs,PCs, smartphones, tablets with iOS or Android) and place, thus providing the flexibility and mobility that employees need.