Discover Singapore’s “3 Beyonds” Healthcare Solutions for the Future

Singapore’s MOH (Ministry of Health) has devised a new plan which is designed to make healthcare affordable in the future, without negatively impacting healthcare quality. This new initiative is known as the “3 Beyonds”.

The healthier a nation’s citizens are, the less healthcare services they require. In the past few years, a government agency in Singapore, known as the Health Promotion Board (HPB), has increased efforts to make Singaporeans healthier. For example, the HPB has been educating the public in Singapore about the value of choosing meals which are healthier. As well, authorities have started to battle diabetes and offer health screenings which are subsidized (and meant for those forty years of age or older).

These new attempts to foster a healthier population have been paying off. For examples, the low-cal meals that HPB offers via its Healthier Dining Programme are strong sellers. Over seven and a half million meals of this type were sold in 2014. In 2016, twenty-six million of these meals were sold. The public is recognizing the value of these meals.

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As well, four thousand stalls in seventy hawker centres (and six hundred cafes) are now providing one or more healthy options to customers.

Also, over three hundred thousand people are now participating in the National Steps Challenge, as of the close of October, 2017. Projections show that half a million people will participate in the National Steps Challenge this year.

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Delivery of Health Care Will Change

Going from hospitals to communities is what the future of health care in Singapore is all about. The concept is to allow people to get the right care right in their own communities or homes, with a mind to helping them stay healthy and minimizing the need for them to visit hospitals.

According to Gan Kim Yong, who is the Health Minister, the healthcare system in Singapore may be sustained effectively. With this goal in mind, the Ministry of Health is partnering with insurance firms in order to ensure affordable insurance premiums for health care.

As well, visits to patient’s houses or apartments, after they are discharged from health care facilities, are part of the future plan for effective health care delivery in the island city-state of Singapore. Care workers and nurses will drop by in order to make certain that people are still feeling well. The visits will be made to patients who are at higher risk for readmission to hospitals.

Singapore’s Healthcare System is Evolving

Singapore is quite progressive and it’s nice to know that its healthcare leaders are initiating the “3 Beyonds” healthcare solutions. These solutions will help the health care system to deal with the pressures created by a population which includes many aging Baby Boomers. These Baby Boomers will need more healthcare in the future.

The new program for efficient and affordable delivery of top-notch healthcare is good news for everyone in Singapore, including Baby Boomers. Health care costs a lot and the steps that healthcare leaders in Singapore are taking may make delivering quality healthcare more cost-effective, today and in the future.

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