Dianabol Cycles That Are Generally Used By Bodybuilders For Muscle Gain

Dianabol cycle may vary, if you are a beginner, advanced or intermediate users of steroids. In the bodybuilder’s circle, this steroid is known as Dbol, and its chemical formula is C20H26O2. In case if you are interested to try Dbol, then it is suggested that you must refer either to bodybuilder’s website or you may discuss with any other experienced bodybuilders. You must also find out about reliable sources of this steroid.

Dianabol is also stacked with following steroids as per the need of bodybuilders.

  • Anadrol
  • Trenbolone
  • Deca-durabolin

Besides that many other components are also commonly used in a Dbol cycle in order to minimize various side effects.

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Are you interested to use Dianabol cycle without side effects?

Certain types of inhibitors are also added in order to reduce the estrogen levels so that natural production of testosterone is not affected much during cutting cycle. Common inhibitors are as follows:

  • Clomid
  • Nolvadex
  • Arimidex

However it is necessary to access how much these inhibitors will affect your body. Also along with these inhibitors, it is recommended that you must also take few other supplements too so that you can avoid liver damage.

How to manage the Dianabol cycle

If you refer any bodybuilding website, then you may find that following schedule is normally recommended. However the potency and dosage may vary from person to person.

  • During first two weeks take 30 mg of Dianabol every day
  • Next two weeks you may increase your dosage to 40 mg daily and also add 10 mg of tamoxifen daily.
  • During seventh and eighth week take Clomid of 50 mg daily.

Throughout the cycle, you must also take four tablets of Liv52 daily for your liver protection. Cycles for beginners and experienced user may vary in their dosage and also the same may also happen if you prefer to take injections instead of taking tablets. You must take equal dose three times a day after taking your food.

What are the effects of Dianabol?

Dianabol is a synthetic form of male hormone which is known as testosterone. Testosterone maintains secondary male characteristics and thus manhood of the user will increase and that can also have impact on their libido, facial and body hair growth, voice tone and production of sperm. Another effect of Dianabol cycle is that it enhances protein synthesis as a result there is an impact in muscle growth.