Car Accident Attorney in Houston: Here to Protect Your Rights


Accidents happen.

Sometimes, the worst trouble comes after the accident. You’re facing the costs to repair the damage, and to heal your injuries. At that point you need legal support from someone who can give cost-efficient, hassle-free legal representation: an experienced car accident attorney in Houston, TX.

In short, you’ve had all the hurt and hassle you can stand. Now, get a lawyer committed to protecting your rights.

Care for Your Body, and Preserve Your Rights

Whether you’re hurt on the scene, or discover latent injuries over the next few days, see the doctor. Don’t wait for swelling to worsen and complicate possible injuries.

Keep records of medical advice, treatment, and any physical changes you experience. Take note of everything that changes in your daily life. Missed work and events can increase your potential compensation.

Be aware that adrenaline may take over in an accident, masking your injuries for hours or even days. Watch, over the days following your accident, for sleeping problems. And look for:

  • An x-ray may show a fracture even in a joint that you can move without any trouble.
  • Tissue damage. If you’re having trouble moving parts of your body, you may have injured a muscle or tendon.
  • If you are feeing disoriented or your head hurts, get checked sooner rather than later. Avert complications by seeking prompt medical attention.

Our Houston law office can support your search for expert attention and advise on injury compensation. If you have a legal claim for damages, time is of the essence. Call early to develop your strongest case.

When Coping After Your Crash Feels Like a Part-Time Job

Don’t leave your outcome to the insurance company. Talk to an advocate. We are experienced in guiding clients through the aftermath of an accident, and achieving the outcome that optimizes compensation. We can help you:

  • Get police reports and understand how they relate to possible compensation.
  • Describe what the police left out, to help you in a settlement or trial.
  • Support your claims with graphics, including aspects like weather, lighting, and signage.
  • Support your case through expert witnesses.

The Houston, TX Car Accident Survivor’s Best Approach

Avoid giving up your legal options. Don’t automatically sign statements from claims managers. Don’t assume your insurance agent understands fault and compensation rules under Texas law. Many agents rely on adjusters in other states. Many more simply won’t scour the law for provisions that help you.

After you’ve experienced a car accident or personal injury, our Houston, TX legal team works hard to help you put your life back together. Call us to get started. Pay zero unless we win your case.