Can Churches Find Ways to Have More Engagement from the Society?


Gone are those days when people would attend the Sunday morning prayers in flocks, beginning the week in the most religious manner they could. The age now is more of parties, friends, and frolicking. So what the 21st century finds is the era of declining church attendance, and hence the Churches who want to grow their involvement with the community needs to think of ways how they can increase the number of attendees and go on with their mission.

But what actually would this engagement with the Churches lead towards to? Those who have been working with the Churches say that in doing so, the ordinary attendees would automatically turn into a passionate champion for the missions that Churches support. However, it might not sound that convincing, and in order to justify the statements, here are some of the reasons why mass engagement will actually drive the future of the Church’s growth. It has been the preconceived notion of most of the Americans that the very idea of attending the church means sitting in the back seat and listening to all the preaching without paying much heed to the entire thing.

But that is not what the goal of a Christian should be, says Westside Family Church, who has been working to change the scenario within the Community. Engaging in the mission and working hand in hand with the community will actually help in not just personal emancipation but also communal well-being. There’s no point being just a Christian in the society, instead work out on being the engaged Christian. One of the challenges that most of the people attend in these congregations is they do not know or have any idea about what they are getting involved into.

In most of the case, the websites that these Churches have are completely fuzzy, and so are the leaders of the Church as well. So in order to make things much easier, the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has actually made a list of all the things that people can do in order to get engaged in these activities. But when you start offering men with too many choices, they actually pick up nothing. So simplicity works out to be the best way, the clearer and simpler these things can be, the better it is for them to travel through the courses and get engaged.

The people actually conform to all kinds of expectations they come across. Whenever you show a young kid the dream that he can achieve, he perseveres hard to come across it and pursue it in the best ways. People not only rise but also descend to the level of expectations. The same policy holds for these Church congregations as well. When these Churches have completely lost their faith in having any kind of attendees, they seem to find the most unexpected attendance. So life is all there to give you surprises, but the Churches definitely can do a lot in engaging the community for their welfare services.