A guide to opening a commercial golf simulator

Gone are the days when golf was only for professional players and those with access to vast golf courses. Through a commercial golf simulator hard-core players, novices, and even kids have an opportunity to perfect, train, learn and experience the thrill that playing the game offers.
For individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, this is a perfect opportunity to open a commercial golf simulator business. It is vital that you are well acquainted with the requirements that you should meet to run your business successfully. Here are some of them;

  1. Space
    You will need to consider the space that a simulator occupies. This will guide you on the number of simulators that will fit your preferred place. Ideally, a single simulator should be placed in a section that’s between 2.8m to 3m high, 6m deep, and around 4.5m wide. Such a space will accommodate both right and left-handed players and allow for backswings, and a follow through.
  2. Golf simulator materials
    Besides the golf simulator, you will also need golf mats, a computer, the golf simulator software, projectors, and the simulator enclosure. The quantities you should buy will depend on how many stations you intend to put up.
  3. Select a location
    The location you set up your commercial golf simulator will be dependent on your target market. Should you be targeting the affluent, you might need to set it up near an affluent neighborhood or lease some space in an exclusive country club. If you are targeting the youth, you might want to consider a place that will lure walk-in traffic.
  4. Set favorable but strict rules
    You will expect to collect revenue from the use of your simulators, therefore, it only makes sense that they are used continually as long as you’re open to business. It is essential that your clients play comfortably but fast so that they can create space for the next player. The trick is to ensure that you have repeat clients without compromising on the business’ objectives through strict but favorable rules.
  5. 5. Be creative
    The golf simulator should not be your only source of revenue. For instance, say that your clients have booked a threesome, and only one of them can play at a time. What will the other two be doing in the meantime? Stock your space with foods, drinks, and snacks for some additional revenue.
    Finally, you should obtain a license before you start. Once the business is up and running, keep your software updated and the simulators regularly calibrated.