7 attractions of Chennai

Its Beaches

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering Chennai is a coastal city. This metro city is home to the second longest beach in the world – The Marina beach. Thousands of locals as well as tourists visit this location every day, such is the charm of this place. But if you prefer some quiet atmosphere, then you may want to visit the Besant Nagar beach, also popularly called the Eliot’s beach. This place is calm as compared to Marina beach. Enjoy the calmness of the sea and allow your thoughts to wander, at this perfect location.

The Temples

Amidst the hullabaloo of the metropolitan city, if there is any way one can find a little bit of solitude and peace, it had to be amidst the various sacred temples of Chennai.  A perfect escapade from the chaotic lives, these temples help build a deep sense of faith, to keep us going. Chennai houses a large number of temples, each different from the other. You must definitely not miss out on
Kapaleeshwar temple
Parthasarthy temple
Vadapalani Andavar temple

The temples of this city are not just about the belief and devotion, but also about architecture, carvings and design. You can see how skilfully these are built. Devote a day for these wonderful structures of worship. Book a bike on rent in Chennai from Wheelstreet.com and visit all the well-known temples of Chennai.

Experience some classical music and dance

With very less doubt, Chennai can be discerned as the cultural capital of our country. It is a heaven for all Carnatic classical music lovers and Bharatanatyam enthusiasts. Some of the stalwarts of these areas have been born in the city and have made it their home. Music and dance comes to the folks of Chennai very naturally. And man, is it a charm to watch the artists perform! Such is the talent of these maestros that their work will make you forget yourself and your surroundings. You will be transported to a whole new world of awesomeness, even to a plebeian.

Treat your taste buds to some authentic Tamil Nadu dishes

Every state of India has its own speciality when it comes to food, and Tamil Nadu is no different. Chennai being its capital, is the best place to binge on these. The origin of the ever so delicious Idli and the crunchy crispy dosa, can be attributed to this place. Taste all the varieties of dosas available in the city. Easy to make, pocket friendly and ceremoniously delicious, these will fill your heart as much as they fill your stomach.

Ride on the ECR along the coast

The east coast road has a lot of fan following in Chennai. Many youngsters and adults alike, ride on this stretch of road, to experience some thrill. It truly is a bliss to ride here on two wheels, what with the sea on one side and the vintage styled buildings on the other. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent a bike, or for that matter hire a two wheeler of your choice and ride on.


A major contribution to the culture and heritage of a place, is of its clothing style and dressing sense. You would surely want to take back some with you from Chennai as well. Shop till you drop at the T nagar market. Take away some gorgeous silk sarees from the land known to produce the best of its kind. Keep your bargain game strong and head back with amazing goodies at inexpensive rates.