3 Ways to Adjust Your Lifestyle in a New City in India

Whatever the reason be, moving to a new city could be very crucial to your career, family and lifestyle. It affects many attributes of our life that we often tend to overlook, as a first time migrant.

It’s very important to understand the lifestyle, pace, culture and the weather of the city you move into. In some cities, the locals are very helpful, in others, you wouldn’t want to step outside after sunset. Let’s take a look at some measures we need to take before confronting with our new life in the new city.

  1. Find a home – the topmost priority

When you have nowhere to go, you have your home. There are many untold tales about how the house saves the day, when everything else is now working out. Essentially, a house is a safe place that keeps you away from bad weather and gives you the space to be yourself when nobody is watching.

It’s very easy to find a fully furnished apartment for single boys and girls, unlike in olden days, when you either had to stay in a hostel or be married to get your own house. Online portals like NestAway and 99acres have made it simpler to find shared rooms in furnished apartments. NestAway even maintains the furnishings, all included in the rent. All you have to do in this modern world is grab your essentials like clothes and food supplies, stack your books on the shelf and dream away in the comfort of your custom built house.

  1. Sort your food cravings

It’s very important to sort out your daily meals, right from breakfast to post dinner cravings. Young ones usually don’t realize the importance of eating home-cooked, nutritious food. It’s what we eat now, reflects on our health, later in life. So, before you burn away what your guardians have built for you, it’s good to sail our boats with nutritious food stocked up.

Online platforms like UrbanClap provide many options of people who cook food at home for bachelors. You could ask your colleagues or neighbours for homemade food tiffin services. Ensure you have your comfort food by your side when you arrive at home after a long days work. It makes a lot of difference to our well-being, including our moods.

  1. Use all modes of transport and stick to the most convenient one

When you’ve shifted to a new city and plan to stay here for long, begin using all modes of transport. Take a local bus, hire a cab, take a walk or use a bicycle. Try ‘em all to find the most convenient, comfortable and fast mode of transport to reach your workplace.

A scooter or motorcycle usually works best in cities with less pollution and good weather. If you’re in hot cities, you’d want to buy yourself a car or well, get used to Uber. It’s rather convenient to take a cab than maintain your own car. It’s better if your workplace assigns a dedicated transport to pick you up and drop you off at your place of residence.

  1. Meet the locals

Spend time with the locals for knowing the best practices and social norms in the city. Most Indian cities are very open minded. Apart from the over-caring Indian attitude, the locals are mostly helpful to millennials starting a new life in the new city.

If you aren’t someone who likes to deal with the aunties and uncles of your neighbourhood, go to social events or local watering holes to learn about the culture.

Most Indian cities would make you feel comfortable and find your routine without much effort. If you’ve sorted out your basics like renting an apartment for a fair price and house help services, you’re good to go. Good luck for new beginnings!


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