3 Key Benefits to Physical Therapy

If your doctor has referred you for physical therapy, you may be wondering about the benefits of PT and if you really have time for this therapeutic approach. Regularly attending sessions with a trained physical therapist can provide incredible opportunity for healing and recovery, so it’s always worth fitting it in to a busy schedule, even in a busy, fast paced place like New York City. Read on to learn about 3 of the top benefits, and start making plans to find the right physical therapy NYC location for your needs.

  1. Avoid Surgery

Engaging in regular physical therapy to heal an injury can help your body to leverage its natural healing capabilities, and, for some patients, will allow you to avoid invasive and high cost surgery altogether. The key is to engage in regular, consistent therapy designed to help your injury heal at an appropriate pace, with all the supports needed to let your body fully heal. And, if it turns out you need that surgery after all? Physical therapy can help you go into a surgery feeling stronger, which means faster recovery time.

  1. Reclaim Mobility

If you’ve been struggling to do the things you once did, physical therapy can help you regain your mobility and improve your quality of life. From reaching, standing, and walking, regular physical therapy can help you improve your resilience and strength and/or support your body with adaptive devices to help you navigate the world with greater ease. If you’ve recently experienced an injury that requires you to remain in bed or in an assistive chair, physical therapy can also help you learn how to gain independence through practice with transfers from bed to chair to toilet, and other common maneuvers.

  1. Prevent Further Injuries

Engaging in physical therapy will help you develop a better relationship with your body’s strengths and limitations, and can lead to improved balance, flexibility, and resilience. In a trained physical therapy setting, you can safely build your functional skills and learn how to prevent falls and/or reduce the impact by improving your balance and dexterity. In addition, your physical therapist can train you in the proper ways to engage in physical exercise, as well as everyday activities, so that your able to move safely within your body’s comfortable range of motion, and avoid common injuries.

Finding a physical therapy NYC practice that meets your unique needs is the first step in starting the healing that your body deserves. Getting back to a full and productive life is your goal, and physical therapy can be a tool to help you achieve it!